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Modular Social Distancing Solution

Why social distancing?

The greatest priority for every business impacted by the challenges of Covid-19 is guaranteeing appropriate social distancing and integrate appropriate social distancing solutions. In public spaces, gathering areas, supermarkets and the like, distancing and ensuring compliance with local mandates to maintain safe environments for their occupants is at the forefront of business owners’ and facility managers’ concerns.

Physical distancing usually refers to the practice of staying at least 1 meter (in Europe; 6 ft in the US) away from others to reduce the risk of catching or spreading the virus. This term is sometimes used interchangeably with “social distancing”, which usually refers to the practice of staying home for extended periods of time and limited unnecessary public activities in an effort to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Distancing, by itself, does little to nothing in fighting COVID if not in conjunction with mask wearing, hand sanitization and the practice of personal care.

As communities and offices are reopening and people are in public more often, the concept of physical distancing is a more accepted and adopted means of managing the interactions between people when gathering, adopting social distancing solutions. Several factors are of paramount importance in order for physical distancing to be effective:

  • Maintaining significant visible open space in public areas between people as they come and go through shared spaces
  • Wearing face masks constantly while in the presence of another person or multiple people in the same area
  • Analyzing current circumstances (i.e. air quality, real time occupancy counts in a given area, proximity of gatherers) against the safety measures, parameters, and ordinances that have been put in place.

Tracking technologies, wearable devices, encrypted contact tracing and COVID-related mobile apps, just to list few, are crucial advancements in this area. In addition to these, other very effective solutions are coming from the IoT domain which has demonstrated expertise in creating systems of connected devices using controlled and secure networking solutions. IoT is ready to help authorities in this effort to find the best tools capable of protecting the safety and health of the people in this very challenging time.

Eurotech's social distancing solution

Eurotech’s IoT lineup now includes a state-of-the-art people counting system portal: the Modular Social Distancing Solution. This portal is the ideal weapon in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to its fully modular architecture, the portal can monitor the people’s presence and movement in a defined space, whether it be on public transportation or in public shared spaces like waiting rooms, arenas, theaters and so on.


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