Bootstrap your IoT / M2M Project

The real challenge of the Internet of Things
is understanding the business opportunities enabled by smart products and new ecosystems.

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Bootstrap IoT Gateway & M2M / IoT Platform in the IoT Scenario

IoT solutions can accommodate diverse, distributed unattended devices that are geographically dispersed and connect the different data types coming from various intelligent assets in the field to enterprise systems and manage everything through the solutions’ life cycle.
Moreover, thanks to the flexibility of IoT architectures assets can be amended and new assets can be incorporated at any time without to make changes to the infrastructure. Solutions are therefore able to adapt to changing economic and business requirements.
ESF for M2M Gateways and Smart Devices on one side, and Everyware Cloud as an IoT / M2M Integration Platform on the other side, build together the foundation for solid IoT / M2M solutions.
Eurotech's IoT M2M Solutions enables your organization to fast and easily deploy new innovative applications to obtain real benefits like:
- Boost operational efficiency
- Improve products and services
- Increase agility
- Open up new business opportunities

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M2M / IoT Integration Platform


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