Eurotech Embedded Solutions with Wind River Linux

Wind River PartnerEurotech provides the industry leading enterprise grade embedded Linux operating system from Wind River on a range of boards and systems. With Wind River Linux customers can leverage the benefits of an industrial grade operating system that includes robust tooling and support. The combination of Eurotech boards and systems with Wind River Linux allows customers to save time and money and to successfully get products to market.

Eurotech Embedded Solutions with Wind River Linux offer:
  • Market-leading commercial Linux development and run-time platform with an established customer base
  • Sophisticated graphics and GUI packages and support enabling industry-standard user interaction with deployed devices
  • Complete professional development tool chain simplifies building and debugging your application
  • Robust networking capabilities that effectively connect digital appliances and applications
  • High-speed data transmission for in-home entertainment applications
  • Minimized footprint, optimized boot sequences, and advanced power management capabilities make the operating system ideal for embedded applications

Wind River Linux provides a flexible and communications oriented development environment offering more than 500 software packages, virtualization based on KVM (kernel-based Virtual Machine), and multicore offload capabilities, allowing customers to utilize the potential of modern multicore hardware. Wind River Linux is a complete, fully tested, and validated distribution, allowing device software developers to achieve more with fewer resources. It comes integrated with the Eclipse-based Wind River Workbench development suite.

Key benefits include:

Built to Work

  • Sleep at night knowing your software is the best it can be.
  • 100,000 man-hours of QA and test per release
  • 26M lines of code
  • 48K tests per BSP

Built to Embed

  • Complete development environment for highly customized embedded Linux
  • Sophisticated embedded-centric debugging and analysis tools
  • Multi-architecture support for cross-compiling
  • Advanced power management
  • Reduced root file system footprint for flash memory constrained devices
  • Accelerated kernel boot time

Built to Comply

  • Because standards matter.
  • Open source and open standards compliant
  • Extensive and easy-to-use documentation of license compliance
  • Compliance with U.S. government export regulations

Built Safe and Secure

  • Dedicated team of engineers to monitor security alerts and address issues quickly
  • Skilled legal team to help protect your intellectual property against license incompatibility and copyright infringement-16 lawyer-months per major release
  • MILS ready
  • EAL 4+ certification ready
Eurotech is a Strategic member of the Wind River Hardware Partner Alliance Program.

Supported Wind River Linux Eurotech hardware products


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