M2M / IoT Software and Services

Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) projects follow a common technological paradigm: intelligent devices, seamlessly connected to the Internet, enable remote services and provide actionable data. From Eurotech's point of view, the IoT acronym is more adopted in the consumer space while M2M has a stronger industrial connotation. For our purposes the two acronyms are equivalent, although we prefer M2M due to our industrial-grade hardware device manufacturing heritage.

Eurotech develops and offers the technical building blocks required to assemble distributed systems of devices and sensors which are effectively connected to IT infrastructures. Eurotech M2M/IoT platform is a combination of hardware, firmware, operating systems, programming frameworks that dramatically accelerate the time to market of M2M / IoT projects and enable customers to layer their added-value components on a reliable read-to-use infrastructure.

Eurotech Cloud M2M Platform Customer Solution

M2M IoT Platform, M2M IoT Integrated Solution
Cloud Decoupled solution

One of the most important aspects of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) vision is that smart objects communicate effectively with each other and with applications residing in data centers or the cloud. Eurotech develops and offers the technical building blocks required to build distributed systems of devices and sensors to be effectively interconnected with IT infrastructures.

Eurotech solutions are a combination of hardware, firmware, operating systems, programming frameworks and external infrastructure that enable customers focus on their core activities.

From the individual developer to the largest system integrator, now with Eurotech solutions it is possible to cut time to market and deliver scalable, cost effective projects without the need to care about low level details and external infrastructure.

The combination of Eurotech ESF software framework and the Everyware Cloud permit a dramatic acceleration of the completion of even the most complex project and dramatically reduce the overall costs, by eliminating the need to deal with the implementation of wired and wireless infrastructures, data management and storage, protocol translation and the integration in the business application.

ESF is Eurotech's Everyware Software Framework, a programming environment that wraps the complexity of low level device management with high level constructs. This approach permits simpler and faster programming, with shorter, easier to read code and transparent portability across different hardware platforms.

Everyware Cloud (EC) is a complete, scalable infrastructure that, working together with ESF, enables Eurotech devices to send and receive data to the end application where pre-made or user designed components consume it. With Everyware Cloud, it is possible to modulate the size of the infrastructure as required, for instance starting with just a few test samples and then deploying the same devices in tens of thousands. Scaling up does not require any change: Everyware Cloud will scale accordingly to provide you with the performance and capacity you need.

Eurotech Complete Architecture

The combination of all required building blocks for designing, implementing, deploying and running M2M (or device to business application) infrastructures, we have named the Everyware Device Cloud or simply EDC. EDC seamlessly integrates a broad variety of hardware platforms, operating systems, ESF, the EDC Client and the Everyware Cloud into one complete M2M/IoT solution.

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