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Eurotech helps OEMs get to market quickly with application-ready solutions that support several Windows operating systems for complete, enterprise-enabled solutions, supplied out of the box. Windows is supported as a standard option across our ARM, x86, and Intel Architecture platforms and includes Windows Embedded products such as Windows CE or Windows Embedded Standard. For applications that need the power of full Windows, Eurotech also offers Windows 7 on select platforms. With broad experience in Windows, and boasting several MVPs in the development team, Eurotech can help OEMs get their Windows-based solutions to market quickly.

Why Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft's Windows and Windows Embedded solutions offer the ideal operating system environment for small footprint applications with the need for more componentized programming environments in order to conserve memory and power usage.

With Windows on Eurotech products, OEMs can leverage the following key benefits:

Faster time to market

With Windows operating systems, OEMs can take advantage of versatile, easy to use developer tools such as Visual Studio that are very common in the industry. These tools help to minimize development time and help get devices to market quickly.

Lower cost of development

With Windows Embedded on Eurotech's products, OEMs can ensure robust, reliable drivers and feature support. Eurotech takes products through extensive software testing and validation.

Long lifecycle support

Microsoft has shown strong support for the embedded sector through an active and aggressive roadmap that meets embedded needs and trends. Furthermore, Eurotech continues to validate Windows on new and upcoming platforms, allowing for extended lifecycle support as well.

Large partner network

With Windows, OEMs can tap into a large ecosystem of valuable resources and services. The growing number of peripherals and devices that come out with Windows support shows the power of this ecosystem. With Windows on Eurotech products, OEMs can ensure the ability to work with this network.

Community and support

Eurotech offers full access to our support team that includes extensive Windows experience with several MVPs. Access to this deep knowledge ensures optimized development time and significant cost reduction.


Because Windows is so pervasive, OEMs can be sure that software development can be minimized when migrating across Eurotech hardware platforms.


Eurotech's products offers Windows operating systems across processor technologies and form factors. With this flexibility, if you choose Windows, you will have the right hardware solution to go with it. Whether it’s Windows CE, Windows Embedded Standard, or Windows 7, Eurotech’s application-ready BSPs are available with standard products and custom designs. Even more Eurotech will provide product maintenance for the lifetime of the product, keeping the standard software builds current whenever silicon is released or updated.

Below is a sampling of Eurotech’s boards, platforms, and systems which support Windows:

• ARM-based solutions such as BitsyXb, TurboXb, Turbo G5 Module, TITAN, ZEUS, GCM

• Intel Atom-based solutions such as the Catalyst Module XL, Catalyst EC, Catalyst FX, Catalyst LP, ISIS, PROTEUS, ALUDRA

• x86-based solutions such as the ANTARES and GEMINI

• Platforms and systems including our Industrial Compact Enclosures such as the ANTARES ICE 1U, ISIS ICE, and PROTEUS ICE

Zypad wearable computers

Want to learn more about our capabilities in Windows? Contact us.

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