IoT Platform Everyware Cloud

The IoT Platform for Devices, Embedded Applications and Data Management

Everyware Cloud™ is an Internet of Things Platform
that simplifies data, device and embedded application management
by connecting distributed devices to enterprise applications.
IoT scenario: devices and sensors, gateways, and IoT Platform
The IoT integration platform Everyware Cloud enables business decisions to be instantly triggered based on aggregated real-time data streams, sophisticated rule-engine and rich interfaces to the enterprise IT world.

Everyware Cloud™ IoT platform acts like an “operating systems for the Internet of Things”.

It’s an Application Enablement Platform for the Enterprise IT world providing on the operational technology side all the data, device and embedded application management required to deploy and maintain distributed intelligent system in the field.

Our Internet of Things Platform cuts the time-to-market and permits customers to go live with their IoT Solutions in just a few months. Everyware Cloud IoT Platform has been designed since day one for security, scalability and reliability, to be future-proof and to protect our customers’ investments, by being based on the most successful and up to date open standards for M2M and IoT, including MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetering Transport). IoT Solutions and Business Software Applications can be easily connected with Devices in the field by a complete set of Everyware Cloud Rest APIs and WebSockets interfaces. All the complexity of the administration of an end-to-end M2M/IoT communication is encapsulated by the IoT Platform.
IoT Platform Everyware Cloud functional overview Eurotech

IoT Platform Main Features

Everyware Cloud IoT platform main features are:

  • Optimum device connectivity – bandwidth optimized, open, data agnostic, message orientated transport protocol for efficient network usage

  • Remote device management – over-the-air secure device provisioning and software updates, device configuration, device control, device monitoring, device diagnostics through MQTT(S) protocol

  • Multi-carrier SIM card management integration

  • Decoupling sensors and applications – flexible IoT platform that offers a complete separation between devices and applications while allowing the user to build many-to-many relations at the business level to enable new services

  • Secure – IoT platform designed for maximum security and protection against vulnerabilities

  • Complex Event Processing & Real-Time Analytics – Sophisticated statistical rules engine to enable real-time data pattern recognition and action triggering

  • Advanced Data Services – Real-time aggregated data streams to applications but also access to historical data through a schema-less, distributed, decentralized database for data aggregation and advanced queries

  • Rich REST APIs for easy application development, including PUSH and integrated visualization

  • Based on open and Industry standards to minimize vendor lock-in and ensure investment protection

  • Flexible deployment modalities – available as an IoT “Platform-as-a-service” in public or private cloud, and as a “cloud-in-a-box” with Everyware Server appliance

IoT Platform Benefits

IoT Platform's benefits include:

  • Connect any sensor, device or asset to the platform to quickly create new and innovative products

  • Dynamically and remotely create and add new services and functionalities to your field devices

  • Configure the IoT platform to analyze data in real-time and trigger immediate alerts

  • Leverage a device specific message oriented infrastructure for fast and easy creation of reliable, device independent M2M / IoT applications

  • Integrate Cellular Connectivity / SIM Management give customers a single point of management of their connected assets reducing the complexity of their M2M / IoT projects.

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