IoT Service Enablement Platform Everyware Cloud

“IT-centric” or “IT-friendly” operational technology platform solutions require solutions that are well understood and easy to be integrated by the enterprise IT departments.

Building solutions on open and industry standards – also when it comes to security technology – helps tremendously. It also is very beneficial if programmability of the major elements that make up an IoT or IIoT solution is following software development paradigms as employed in the IT world. That is especially true for the intelligent edge devices, software-defined gateways and smart assets in the field.
IoT /OT Architecture
Eurotech has been a pioneer in Java and OSGi in embedded. Abstracting hardware (OS features, networking functions) and exposing the numerous I/O and communication interfaces to the world of Java programmers has been challenge that can be considered solved with the IoT middleware ESF and the very successful open source Eclipse Kura Project. The IoT device in the field, leveraging this kind of IoT middleware, becomes an agile, software-defined multi-service gateway. It can be managed and re-programmed in runtime, aggregating and computing data locally where required. Individual services can be developed and implemented in Java bundles and managed effectively.

Examples for such services at the local device level would be the data acquisition in combination with specific sensors and PLCs (temperature, people count, field protocols) or remote management functions for smart devices in the field.

These local individual services then can be securely and efficiently deployed and managed using an M2M / IoT Integration Platform like Everyware Cloud. To the IT applications not only the data can be offered in aggregated real-time data-streams but also the deployment and management of many individual local IoT services can be integrated and in that way simplified and abstracted. With the push of a button (using sophisticated APIs) a new service can be started on a number of remote devices or IoT gateways with the aggregated data of these remote devices and sensors being available to the mobile or enterprise IT application immediately – “zero config” from that perspective.

This “service agility”, throughout the OT infrastructure, is what an IoT Service Enablement Platform delivers. It encapsulates, and in that way hides the complexity of device, embedded application and data management that is associated to distributed device solutions.
Everyware Cloud™ is an Internet of Things Integration Platform and in that very sense an IoT Service Enablement Platform.

IoT Platform Everyware Cloud functional overview
The IoT Service Enablement Platform enables business decisions to be instantly triggered based on aggregated real-time data streams, sophisticated rule-engine and rich interfaces to the enterprise IT world.
It acts like an “operating systems for the Internet of Things”. It’s an Application Enablement Platform for the Enterprise IT world providing on the operational technology side all the data, device and embedded application management required to deploy and maintain distributed intelligent system in the field.

Our Internet of Things Platform cuts the time-to-market and permits customers to go live with their IoT Solutions in just a few months. Everyware Cloud IoT Platform has been designed since day one for security, scalability and reliability, to be future-proof and to protect our customers’ investments, by being based on the most successful and up to date open standards for M2M and IoT, including MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetering Transport). IoT Solutions and Business Software Applications can be easily connected with Devices in the field by a complete set of Everyware Cloud Rest APIs and WebSockets interfaces. All the complexity of the administration of an end-to-end M2M/IoT communication is encapsulated by the IoT Platform.


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