HPEC Systems

High Performance Embedded Computing Systems

Bringing HPC from data center into field deployable applications means reducing space, weight and power absorption, increasing resistance, robustness and reliability while maintaining the same advanced computational performance.

Energy efficiency, compactness and reliability are the strongest characteristics of Eurotech Aurora high performance computers (HPC), the same ones on which the entire HPEC offering is based.

The Eurotech HPEC systems find ideal application wherever computational performance needs to be taken closer to the data gathering points (sensors and other devices) to facilitate real time analysis and quicker decision making in critical situations or in the growing number of occasions where real time processing is needed for better business decisions.

DynaCOR 50-35

Rugged HPEC Cluster - Dual Intel Xeon E5, Liquid Cooled
 image: DynaCOR 50-35

DynaCOR 40-34

Rugged HPEC Cluster - Intel Xeon E3, Liquid Cooled
 image: DynaCOR 40-34

DuraHPC 5-1

Rugged High Performance Embedded Computing Subsystem
 image: DuraHPC 5-1

DuraHPC 5-21

Rugged GPGPU based HPEC system
 image: DuraHPC 5-21

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