Biometric Face Recognition System

Eurotech SekuFACE provides a high-end IP-based biometric face recognition system, compliant with privacy constraints and aligned with the highest performance levels presently available in the market.

General Availability: Product available only for specific projects with a Minimum Order Quantity of 50 pcs. For more information please contact


• High reliability access control system
• Compatibility with ICAO standard
• Biometric tracking over 86 facial measurements
• Possibility of cross-check with identity document scanning
• Possibility of cross-check with badge devices


• Military and Civilian Installations
• Access control in high-risk areas, e.g. Barracks and Courts
• Access control in residential areas
• Access control in private and public buildings, e.g. hospitals, museums, airports, harbors, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, restricted access R&D departments
• Visitor Management
• Security and Surveillance Systems
SekuFACE img

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