Eurotech Announces Adbc8037, the New COM Express Module Supporting the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Eurotech‘s Adbc8037 supports the dual and quad-core 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors in a Type 6 module to deliver unmatched performance and features in applications requiring superior reliability

Amaro (Italy), June 4th, 2012 – Eurotech announces the Adbc8037, a high-performance COM Express module supporting the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. The Adbc8037 packs the unparalleled performance and power efficiency of the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors with the features of the Mobile Intel® QM77 Express chipset in a 125x95mm COM Express basic form factor.

The Adbc8037 has been designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, in particular for all those applications where uptime and availability are a must. With soldered memory and ECC support, the Adbc8037 ensures data integrity and protection.

Adding performance to reliability, the Adbc8037 sports the new Type 6 pinout, which brings the capabilities of the COM Express standard to a new level both in terms of capability and speed. With advanced serial interfaces such as PCI Express Gen 2.0, USB 3.0, SATA-600, the Adbc8037 simplifies the design of modern and sophisticated applications.

Providing a total of four video ports, the Adbc8037 delivers deep flexibility. One VGA port is complemented with three configurable digital video interfaces that support DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and SDVO.
“The Adbc8037 is the ideal platform whenever reliability, performance and efficiency are mandatory”, said Pierfrancesco Zuccato, Eurotech Product Manager. “This module targets those customers that have the highest expectations in terms of quality. We are delivering a solid, dependable building block for their solutions.”
“The new 22nm manufacturing process for the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors enable faster, smarter, and more energy efficient designs,” said Matt Langman, director of marketing, Intel Intelligent Systems Group. “Other vastly improved capabilities include multimedia, with support for real-time HD transcoding, more independent displays and faster 3D graphics.”

Embedded applications can benefit greatly from the low power design of the Adbc8037, which combines the 3rd generation Intel Core processor family with the Mobile Intel QM77 Express chipset, allowing a dramatic improvement of the computational and graphics capabilities, and reducing power consumption at the same time. Standard configurations support the Intel® Core™ i7-3615QE (2.3GHz, Quad Core), i7-3555LE (2.5GHz, Dual Core), and i7-3517UE (1.7GHz, Dual Core) processors, and up to 8GB memory.

The sophisticated design of the Adbc8037 allows developers to benefit from the features of the chipset and to quickly use them, and provides developers with a robust and advanced platform for their projects.
The Adbc8037 simplifies and accelerates development of devices and systems, and supports several major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 7, WES 7 and Wind River Linux.

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