Eurotech Launches Everyware™ Device Cloud for Complete Device Data Management Solution

Everyware Device Cloud Offers Low Total Cost of Ownership To Transform Bits of Data at the Edge of the Network into Actionable Information in the Business Users’ Hands

Amaro, ITALY – November 15, 2010 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the availability of the Everyware™ Device Cloud, which enables organizations to bring data from device to business application with one complete, integrated solution to turn bits of data into valuable and actionable information. The Everyware Device Cloud offers the first end-to-end device cloud solution in the industry, allowing organizations to access an integrated hardware, software, cloud computing, data management and application integration solution.

Details about the Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud:

"VDC Research sees the Eurotech approach as a harbinger of solution development, deployment and management strategies in the future. That future will enable deployers to focus more on business logic and less on fundamental compute, control and communication technologies,” comments Chris Rezendes, Executive Vice President of VDC Research Group. “The resulting solutions will better meet the universal enterprise goal of greater agility through broader access and more accurate application of real time mission critical data from embedded applications.”

It used to take weeks, months and even years to plan, procure, and deploy IT infrastructure to connect embedded devices to the network and capture valuable data. Today you can do it in minutes. The Everyware Device Cloud collects, analyzes, and transmits data in real-time, giving organizations faster, better access to data from every device in the field for improved business management and operations.”

The Everyware Device Cloud offers Eurotech customers the following benefits:
• Complete Solution – Most complete offering in the industry, from device to edge controller to desktop or mobile display
• Fast Time to Market – Projects can be deployed quickly, with applications up and running in days instead of months
• Reduced Costs – Without the need for the customer’s IT infrastructure to grow, both initial cost and total cost of projects are dramatically reduced
• Scalability – Ability to easily scale to a large number of devices with on-demand access
• Optimized Technology – Uses MQTT, continuous session awareness, and leading-edge protocols to reduce bandwidth requirements and simplify connectivity

“With the Everyware Device Cloud, organizations can concentrate on their core business while reducing time to market and efficiently accessing essential device data to support their business logic,” said Arlen Nipper, CTO of Eurotech in North America. “Eurotech is on the leading edge as the embedded device industry begins to embrace cloud-based services for a lower total cost of ownership. With a strong background in embedded devices as well as software toolkits, we are uniquely qualified to offer customers the most flexible hardware and middleware building blocks to harmonize the various platforms for their application.”

The Everyware Device Cloud offers a robust, reliable and flexible communication infrastructure leveraging the Isidorey Device Cloud technology and services. Coupled with the hardware running the Eurotech Everyware Software Framework (ESF), the Everyware Device Cloud becomes a complete data management and delivery solution for comprehensive distributed device platform support including sensors, scalable edge nodes and networking devices- whether mobile, stationary, portable, or wearable devices. Eurotech offers a broad range of standard interfaces and APIs that make the Everyware Device Cloud ideal for any business application integration.

The Everyware Device Cloud is also available through a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) purchasing model, an attractive, scalable option in which the customer pays a predictable monthly fee for the data and services provided. With no upfront hardware or software investment required, Eurotech simplifies customers’ access to the most complete Device Data Management solution.

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