Eurotech presents a new wearable interactive tourist guide

Amaro (Italy), May 15, 2009 – Eurotech announces a new wearable advanced multimedia tourist guide application software developed for the wrist-wearable PC Zypad.
Thanks to the collaboration between Eurotech and Mobile3D, now tourists can get the most pleasure from their journeys.
Eurotech’s Zypad, weighing only 290 grams and shaped to the contours of the body, can be worn comfortably on the user’s wrist, preventing the computer to fall down during usage or be lost. Its ergonomic design, coupled with its easy interface with touch-screen functions, allow the user to operate hands free.
MobileGuide is a software platform, developed by Mobile3D and organized in two main components: a Content Management System and a specific Client for Zypad. MobileGuide can be contained in a miniSD memory card, which can be inserted into Zypad: with this simple action one can immediately use the multimedia guide and exploit its features. The functionalities of MobileGuide do not require previous training to the tourist and provide easy to follow navigation instructions by using pictures and arrows.
Thanks to localization technologies (GPS for outdoor location and active RFID or Zigbee for indoor locations) built-in into Zypad it is now possible to select points of interest or thematic tours closer to the user. Each created tour is enriched with audio, pictures, videos and 3D reconstruction that allow the tourist to follow it without effort. Moreover MobileGuide is able to exploit 3D graphics to allow the tourist to open a “temporal window” on how the visited place looked like in the past or how it could look in the future, for instance due to planned renovations.

About Mobile3D
Mobile3D is a spin-off company of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCILab) of the University of Udine, Italy, that implements innovative software tools and provides services that combine the most recent technologies in the areas of mobile devices and interactive 3D Graphics.
For more information, please visit the Mobile3D website at

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