Eurotech: Zypad Selected To Automate Distribution And Stocking Centers

Amaro, 7th February 2008 - Arcom announces that it has entered into an agreement with ProCat Management Services for 500 Zypads to assist in their warehouse management solutions. The Zypad is an application ready wearable computer.

ProCat has chosen to use the Zypad as the foundation for PickRight, its latest technology application, because of its diverse assortment of features and functionality. PickRight has been developed to improve the order picking process in distribution centers. Most distribution centers still use paper picking tickets to pick customer orders. This process is slow and prone to costly picking errors. The ProCat solution uses Zypad technology to replace the current paper pick tickets and allow picking to become a hands free process. Order picking instructions are wirelessly transmitted to the Zypad units. Picking accuracy is insured with the Zypad accessory ring scanner that allows the picker to easily scan product bar codes at the time of each pick. Training time is greatly reduced with the easy to use displays that appear on the Zypad touch screen. The ProCat solution significantly improves the product picking process by reducing labor costs and delivering perfect accuracy.

"We are very pleased with the functionality that we are getting from the Zypad. We have developed an outstanding solution that we believe will be implemented in 100's of distribution centers across North America in the next few years. The Zypad is an excellent device for us." Said Dave Copestick, President of ProCat.

ProCat Management Services develops specialty software applications for convenience store chains and wholesale distributors. ProCat looked at competitors in the industry but found that the Zypad had an open platform which allowed them to design their own application and utilize the ring scanner accessory to build the right solution for its clients.

"This order shows the value for our clients in Arcom cross selling products from the Eurotech Group. Arcom is now able to offer its client's and future client's finished products that are open, application ready platforms." Said Arlen Nipper, President of Arcom.

Eurotech (ETH.MI) is a company active in the research, development, production and marketing of miniaturised computers (NanoPCs) and computers featuring high-performance computing capability (HPCs).



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