Parvus Wins Development Contract from General Dynamics for the United States Marine Corps'

Amaro (UD), April 10th, 2007.

Parvus Corporation announced it has won a contract from General Dynamics Amphibious Systems (GDAMS) for the design of the Tactical Switch Router (TSR) for the United States Marine Corps' Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) )
First article prototypes of the TSR router will be delivered by Parvus later this year.

Replacing the USMC's Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV), the EFV serves as the primary means of tactical mobility for the Marine Rifle Squad during amphibious operations and subsequent ground combat operations ashore. The Tactical Switch Router enables the deployment of communications-on-the-move and information-sharing capabilities, supporting the Marine Corps' net-centric operations initiatives.

"Parvus is very proud to be partnering with General Dynamics in developing the communications capabilities of the next generation of amphibious fighting vehicles for the United States Marine Corp," said Parvus President Les Goodman.

The TSR router is based on Parvus' DuraMAR' Mobile IP router product, a rugged Commercial-Off-the Shelf (COTS) router system, integrating Cisco System's 3200 Series Wireless and Mobile Router technology. This proven, Internet Protocol (IP) networking solution enables military systems integrators to delivers secure data, voice and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless networks.

The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) is a keystone for both the Marine Corps Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare (EMW) and Ship-to-Objective Maneuver (STOM) warfighting concepts. The EFV is an armored amphibious vehicle capable of seamlessly transporting Marines from Naval ships located beyond the visual horizon to inland objectives. While providing the speed and maneuvering capabilities to operate with the main battle tank on land, current obstacles to the landing force such as oceans, lakes and rivers, can be used by the EFV as high speed avenues of approach and maneuver.

The order, to be fulfilled in 2007, does not represent a substantial sum for Eurotech (under one million USD). However, since the order received constitutes the initial element (development and delivery of primary parts) of the EFV project, which concerns entire United States Marine Corps' and since that same project could require large-scale production from Parvus in 2008, Eurotech reasserts the commitment, in such circumstances, to promptly inform the market.

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