Industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms

Industrial IoT Platforms market 2021

What is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) Platform?

An Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform includes an integrated software suite to help industrial organizations to monitor, manage, and control the connected devices via applications built on the platform.

IIoT platforms may provide capabilities to support various industrial use cases, including asset tracking & monitoring, predictive maintenance, operational visibility and control, and others to support the complex industrial requirements of the large asset-intensive organizations.

An Industrial IoT platform should include key functionalities such as connectivity, application enablement and management, device management, data management and processing, analytics and visualization, integration, security, and user interface for users as well as developers.

Why is Eurotech a leader in the Industrial IoT platform market?

Followings are the analysis of the Eurotech capabilities in the industrial IoT platforms market

  • Seamless OT-IT integration
  • Open, integrated and managed edge-to-cloud solutions
  • IoT components based on open standards
  • Significant market traction and growth across a broad range of verticals
  • Integration with leading analytics platforms
  • Global coverage
  • Focus on edge computing and Edge AI
  • Excellent customer impact
IIoT Platforms SPARK Matrix 2020 - Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Eurotech's leading Industrial IoT components

Eurotech IoT solutions are based on Everyware IoT, the company's integrated edge-to-cloud IoT architecture. Eurotech offers Everyware Software Framework for edge computing and Everyware Cloud as an IoT integration platform at the data center level.

Everyware Software Framework (ESF) offers flexible app development environment to develop and deploy IoT edge computing applications. ESF provides hardware abstraction, modular software development (including ESF Wires for low code / no-code development) and includes ready-to-use field protocols to connect with field devices.

Moreover, ESF provides:

  • built-in digital twin modelling
  • remote device management capability
  • easy connection to leading IoT cloud services, inluding Eurotech Everyware Cloud, Eclipse Kapua, Microsoft Azure, AWS, SAP and Software AG (Cumulocity)

Everyware Cloud (EC) IoT integration platform includes comprehensive capabilities for device management, data management, application enablement and integration with an enterprise application. Eurotech enables secure connectivity with IoT devices, such as sensors, actuators, control systems (PLCs, SCADA, and others), IoT gateways, and others through ISO-certified standard MQTT protocol, optimized for IoT applications. Eurotech's Everyware IoT Architecture includes standards-based interfaces that help in reducing integration costs.

Industrial IoT gateways

In addition to its software IIoT components, Eurotech also offers industry-certified Industrial IoT (IIoT) gateways to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications. Industrial IoT gateways are edge computers with connectivity capabilities that allow the connection between field assets and sensors with cloud IoT platforms and services.

They provide a wide range of connectivity and edge computing capabilities in order to collect, filter, analyze and route field data for real-time response, building a solid foundation for brown-field and green-field industrial automation applications.

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