Improving Fleet Management with Automatic Passenger Counting

Improving Fleet Management rith Automatic Passenger Counting

Building an end to end Passenger Information System with Everyware IoT

Whether you manage a local transportation service or a national railway company, knowing passenger information can improve fleet management operations and route optimization.

A high accuracy passenger counting information system for trains and buses can lead to:

  • Fleet optimization based on passenger flows
  • Enhanced planning of daily operations
  • Improved customer service: layover time reduction and increased punctuality

Eurotech offers an open, integrated and managed IoT architecture that provides on-board intelligent sensors and software and off-board tools to setup a cloud-based Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) system.


DynaPCN: High accuracy Automatic Passenger Counter

With easy installation on the doors of trains and buses, the PCN1001 and the DynaPCN 10-20 are equipped with EN50155 certified sensors that are specifically designed for the accurate and automatic counting of passengers entering or leaving public transport vehicles such as trains, metros or buses.

Eurotech's range of high accuracy passenger counting and information systems benefit from:

  • Non-contact stereoscopic vision technology
  • Reliable built-in infrared illumination system
  • Certifications for Transportation and Railway applications
  • Daisy chaining system for multiple door monitoring
  • Serial, Ethernet or PoE interfaces

The DynaPCN 10-20, Eurotech's high accuracy passenger counter with Ethernet and PoE interfaces

ESF Wires  dataflow graph for edge computing app development

An IoT Edge Framework for Passenger Counting app development

Everyware Software Framework (ESF) provides a visual data flow development environment to build a reliable and IoT ready passenger counting app. ESF Wires graph has a modular approach that frees the developer from the need of writing the application code from scratch.

Thanks to ESF's IoT functionalities, passenger counters can collect, aggregate, filter, analyze, route and send data to leading IoT cloud services for further management and analytics. A user-friendly web interface allows the display of data flows on passenger ins and outs.

Remote Device Configuration and Real Time Data Management

Data collected by on-board passenger counters can be remotely managed and integrated with enterprise data centers for analytics or other business applications with Eurotech IoT Integration Platform Everyware Cloud.

By remotely connecting to field-deployed devices, operators and managers can monitor passenger flows everywhere and gain valuable insights to improve operational efficiency and take strategic business decisions.

Everyware IoT is the ideal architecture to boost operational efficiency and reduce fleet management costs, while improving customer service.


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