Digital transformation


Edge computing and IIoT to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation in industrial environments

How to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation journey

Digital transformation can be defined as the set of activities to digitalize business operations and processes in order to make them more effective. With the aid of software and applications, data collected by sensors and devices - that are becoming more and more intelligent - is turned into valuable decisions to optimize business processes, from industrial production to maintenance operations.

Digital transformation can bring many benefits to businesses, both large and small:

  • more efficient processes and data-driven business decisions
  • increase in revenue
  • reduction of costs and waste (sustainable development)

The journey to digital transformation embraces many challenges, especially in industrial environments that are characterized by harsh conditions such as high temperatures, high levels of shock and vibrations.

Simplifying digital transformation in industrial environments

In order to simplify and accelerate digital transformation in such environments, Eurotech provides rugged and fanless edge computers to connect field devices and bring the benefits of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Everyware IoT is the IoT architecture that provides a set of hardware and software components to collect field data and enable digital twins of field assets. Data can be integrated and processed by IT applications in the cloud (cloud computing) and at the edge (edge computing) and integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make business decisions more effective.

IIoT Architecture for digital transformation

Open standard-based IIoT technologies

Everyware IoT components open at the core, to enable integrated digital solutions that are easier to manage and integrate. Multi-service IoT Edge Gateways, enhanced with the IoT Edge Framework ESF (Everyware Software Framework) allow native support for a wide range of industrial field protocols for data collection. The integration with several IoT cloud platforms - like Everyware Cloud (EC) - enables the remote management of edge deployments and makes the Everyware IoT offering future proof. 

Edge computing and AI

Eurotech's High Performance Edge Computers (HPEC) bring data center-class computational capabilities to the field to process and manage extremely large amounts data closer to their source. This reduces latency and provides the foundation to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning at the edge. AI algorithms can hugely improve process optimization thanks to the data collected by field devices. 

OT and IT integration

An effective digital transformation requires the connection between the OT (Operational Technology) domain, that involves industrial and factory automation, supply chain management and asset monitoring - where data are generated - and the IT (Information Technology) domain, that embraces business process and office automation, enterprise web and mobile applications, etc. - where data are consumed. Eurotech technologies enable a simple and effective way to get the benefits of OT and IT integration

Eurotech: your trusted partner to simplify your digital transformation journey

Want to learn more about Eurotech's future-proof technologies and how they can speed up your digital transformation process? Read our white paper "The Accelerator of Digital Transformation"

DIgital Transformation - White Paper
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