Eurotech signs a collaboration agreement with RSC, PSI and Intel to address russian and european supercomputers market

Amaro (Italy), March 4th, 2009 

Eurotech S.p.A. (ETH.MI) today announces that it has signed a scientific, industrial and commercial collaboration agreement to address the growing market of supercomputers in the Russian Federation, CIS and Europe. The agreement fosters the development of high performance computing technologies, aimed at the manufacturing and deployment of powerful, reliable and efficient supercomputers. 
The collaboration agreement has been presented yesterday during a press conference held at Program Systems Institute headquarters in Pereslavl-Zalessky, north-east of Moscow. 
Partners in this collaboration are: 
RSC SKIF, a Russian company that will carry out design, development, manufacturing and commercial activities in the Russian Federation and the CIS 
Program Systems Institute (PSI), is the leading Research Institute on High-performance computing of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), which will provide scientific and technical support to the development of supercomputing solutions 
Eurotech, which will bring to the partnership its latest supercomputing architecture (Aurora) and will be responsible for designing and manufacturing the machines 
Intel, which will act as a supporting party, providing the processors and assisting the other parties in development and marketing activities. 

“High Performance Computing is a strategic know-how for Russia where investments have increased more than 20-fold in the last 10 years and are expected to continue an accelerated growth. We estimate about 400 M$ in the next few years as Russian HPC market size for the machines of the Aurora class”, explains Sergei Abramov, Director of PSI RAS. “Supercomputers are instruments for gaining superiority, both in economics and in technology. We are most delighted to have collaboration with Eurotech on expanding Aurora supercomputing architecture and we are looking forward to boost our scientific and engineering forefront applications.” 

“Aurora represents a new class of supercomputing machines, a milestone in terms of price/performance, processors density and low power consumption” says Giampietro Tecchiolli, Vice President and CTO of Eurotech. “Thanks to the contributions coming from PSI and RSC and the support coming from Intel we expect Aurora series supercomputers to play a primary role in the HPC Market.” 

“Aurora supercomputers will fully exploit the potential of our next generation Intel processors such as the Intel Xeon 5500 series (Nehalem) processors” explains Andrey Semin, HPC Technology Manager at Intel Europe. “We are really pleased to support the collaboration between Eurotech, RSC and PSI ”. 

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