Eurotech sets a new milestone in device authentication for IoT Security

Amaro (Italy), September 22nd, 2015 – Eurotech, a leading provider of smart devices and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies enabling Internet of Things (IoT) applications, presents today in Boston (USA) at IoT Security the new device authentication and secure device discovery features integrated with Eurotech’s Device & Data Management services, Everyware Device Cloud. 

Eurotech looks at Security in M2M and IoT in a holistic manner and has been considering security as an important element in its M2M/IoT architecture since day one. 

Securing IoT infrastructures, especially on the distributed device side is challenging. These devices are geographically dispersed, unattended, often mobile or connected through unreliable, comparatively low bandwidth communication channels. Besides efforts that have to be undertaken to ensure secure execution environments for IoT applications on these devices, it is of utmost importance to ensure that these devices can be “trusted” and will do their jobs in a secure and reliable way. 

As one consequence Eurotech has decided to offer to their customers authentication solutions that allow highest levels of security between devices in the field and business applications in the IT world. The solution of choice, based on X.509 certificates and integrated PKI functionality is now extended with new important features for a successful management of security in a wide range of Internet of Things projects. 

“Security is all too often an afterthought in IoT deployments” said Robert Andres, CMO of Eurotech. “Addressing and solving the challenges associated with secure IoT solutions that can scale is a very complex task. With the integration of these new security features in Everyware Device Cloud we are going to set a new milestone in device identification, authentication, discovery and certificate management in IoT applications”

Everyware Cloud™, part of Everyware Device Cloud, is a M2M/IoT Integration Platform that simplifies device and data management by connecting distributed devices over secure and reliable cloud services. Once devices are deployed, the Everyware Cloud™ allows users to connect, configure and manage devices through the entire lifecycle, from deployment through maintenance to retirement. 

Everyware Software Framework, part of Everyware Device Cloud, is the Java OSGi software framework for M2M multiservice gateways and smart devices.

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