Eurotech’s M2M Software and Services are Leveraged by ALYT to Bring the Internet of Things into Homes

ALYT SmartHome Manager will be integrated with Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud M2M integration platform to enable an ecosystem of home security and automation solutions. 

Amaro (Italy) – June 17, 2014 –
 Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, announced its cooperation with ALYT ( for the integration of ALYT SmartHome Manager, a multiconnected, Android-based security and home automation wireless gateway, with the Eurotech Everyware Cloud platform. 

ALYT founders have a long history and deep experience in security systems and building automation. CEO Luca Capula and his team have identified the opportunity to bring the technology used in high-end security to our homes and offices. “The result of our work is ALYT: a product that integrates state-of-the-art professional security, the latest functionality in home automation and the endless opportunities of the Internet of Things,” Capula said. 

The cooperation between Eurotech and ALYT will include porting of the recently released Kura open-source OSGi-based Application Framework to the ALYT gateway. This integration will allow the ALYT home and small business owners and the application developers to take advantage of a robust and open IoT platform, the Everyware Cloud M2M Integration Platform, when sharing information with the cloud. 

Robert Andres, CMO of Eurotech, commented: “It is great to see our IoT/M2M products and technologies enabling companies like ALYT to create true customer value in applications and services in fast and efficient ways. Eurotech encapsulates the complexity associated with distributed devices, not only reducing time-to-market dramatically, but also minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership of deploying and operating the remote devices. With ALYT, a company focusing on home automation and security solutions, is now leveraging our software solutions from our device application framework to our M2M integration platform for application enablement.” 

“Our Android-based security and home automation solution is constantly growing in functionality and provided services,” added Luca Capula, CEO of ALYT. “This is where the IoT building blocks that Eurotech offers add tremendous value in providing an M2M optimized integrated software stack that provides the necessary device, application and data management services to integrate with a growing number of applications to deliver security and home automation services to our customers.” 

Meet representatives from Eurotech and ALYT at IoT World in Palo Alto, CA, on June 17 and 18 to find out more about this home security and automation application through the Internet of Things. 

About ALYT 
ALYT is a first and revolutionary Android-based Smart Home Manager that combines professional security, energy management, together with multiple applications and devices to bring Internet of Things (IoT) to a reality and into our homes. ALYT enables life to our homes communicating with all sort of Smart Home devices and appliances. Security dedicated sensors are connected through a dedicated RF protocol, which positions ALYT among the most unbreakable systems in the security market. ALYT is a wireless DIY kit which can be managed by any smartphone or tablet and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

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