Eurotech’s M2M/IoT Integration Platform Everyware Cloud 4.0 offers highest levels of enterprise application integration and secure remote management

AMARO, September 8th , 2015 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, announced the official release of Everyware Cloud™ 4.0, the M2M/IoT Integration Platform

Everyware Cloud™ is a Machine-to-Machine Integration Platform that simplifies device and data management by connecting distributed devices over secure and reliable cloud services. Once devices are deployed, Everyware Cloud™ allows users to connect to, configure and manage devices through their lifecycle, from deployment through maintenance to decommissioning. 

One of the major challenges in creating IoT solutions is the integration of operational technology with the enterprise IT world. Having devices, sensors and actuators interacting with analytics and business applications in real-time is a strength of Everyware Cloud since day one. 

Now with Everyware Cloud 4.0 Red Hat JBoss A-MQ is a powerful extension to the messaging element of Eurotech's Everyware Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service). Software programmers can also take advantage of Red Hat JBOSS A-MQ for multi-protocol translation and brokers clusterization. MQTT messages used for the bidirectional communication between the connected devices and the Cloud Platform can be transformed into AMQP or JMS messages for enterprise application integration in typical ESB scenarios. "Extending our messaging backbone with a supported and proven technology like JBoss A-MQ enables us to offer faster and more seamless integration into our customers’ IT infrastructures" commented Robert Andres, Eurotech CMO. 

The support of WebSockets is another powerful extension of the programming interfaces provided to permit software developers to create real-time bidirectional interfaces between Everyware Cloud (and its connected devices) and enterprise applications. 

Secure remote device management is an important element of many IoT business scenarios, impacting the total cost of deploying and managing an IoT infrastructure significantly. With Everyware Cloud 4.0 device management information can be published as signed digest MQTT messages to guarantee message integrity and authenticity, avoiding malicious commands to be sent towards edge nodes from untrusted sources. This makes MQTT messages that communicate device software updates, device remote configuration and remote commands acceptable by a device only if published by trusted sources. 

Version 4.0 as a new major release of Everyware Cloud also supports the latest revision of the MQTT standard, demonstrating Eurotech continuous commitment and contribution to open and industry standards. 

By using Everyware Cloud our customers take advantage of the following benefits: 
• Short time to market; Customers reach their goals in a few months 
• Cost-effective (Pay-as-you-go); Everyware Cloud is, by default, made available as a PAAS (Platform-As-A-Service) 
• Open Standard based; future-proof & protecting investment 
• Flexible Deployment; from public cloud, to cloud-in-a-box (Everyware Server) 
• Device Enablement; for effective asset management and asset maintenance 
• Data Enablement; for a near-time understanding of users’ preferences and asset real use, for business intelligence 
• System Enablement; for reliable, scalable, secure and user-friendly platform administration 
• IoT Application Enablement; for simple integration with enterprise business software applications 

To try Everyware Cloud for free for 90 days, visit 
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