Eurotech introduces the Aurora Tigon v4, available today and designed for Exascale

ISC16, Frankfurt (Germany) – June 21th, 2016 - Starting today, the Aurora Tigon v4, the evolution of the award-winning Tigon supercomputers, is available for orders. 

Eurotech’s boldest step yet towards viable Exascale computing, the Tigon v4 provides best in class flexibility and modularity to match user needs, delivering maximum application performance optimized for industry leading density and energy efficiency. 

The Aurora Tigon v4 is designed to provide modularity, scalability and flexibility for any type and size of installation. The system building block is the chassis, which can host different node types providing computation or acceleration functionality. It is thus possible to configure a multicore CPU, manycore CPU or a GPU accelerated rack, leveraging an architecture that delivers extreme performance and scalability together with the most energy efficient and optimized system design. 

“The Aurora Tigon v4 combines all the attributes the industry is expecting from a leading HPC platform, ready for Exascale.” says Fabio Gallo, Vice President and General Manager HPC Business Unit at Eurotech “We have brought to bear years of experience in developing the industry’s most energy efficient systems in a highly scalable and dense solution.” 

The Aurora Tigon v4 blades, in their manycore CPU version, have been first implemented within the DEEP-ER project, in which Eurotech is involved as the main hardware manufacturer. The DEEP-ER project has developed an innovative architecture for heterogeneous HPC systems, tailored to highly parallel and I/O intensive applications and aims at setting a milestone in the race towards Exascale. 

The Aurora Tigon v4 can address all kind of application requirements and can be configured in order to exactly meet the user’s needs. It can thus host both Haswell and Broadwell CPUs (with or without accelerators) for generic and scalar workloads, and Intel XEON PHI 72xx processors for parallel and vector FP intensive workloads. 

Last but not least, this high level of flexibility come hand in hand with the best computing density in the market, hosting up to 576 Intel® Xeon® processors or 288 Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors in 288 blades in a single 48U rack. Indeed, Aurora Tigon v4 systems are extremely dense, yet totally flexible, thanks to Eurotech’s seamless integration of electronics, mechanics and cooling. 

All of the chassis components are equipped with the 2nd Generation of the acknowledged Aurora Direct Hot Water Cooling, a technology that puts the coolers in direct contact with all the components, making the Aurora Tigon v4 a Total Liquid Cooled system, with no need for air conditioning in any climate zone. Not only: direct on component liquid cooling limits on board hot spots, increasing reliability and energy efficiency and thus allowing the customer to save at least 50% on the energy bill compared to traditional air cooled systems. 

Exascale poses many challenges on several different levels, from system architecture, to resiliency, to energy efficiency. The Aurora Tigon v4 answers to all of them with an extremely dense, flexible and energy-efficient architecture, thus making it perfect for today’s needs and, at the same time, already equipped to answer those arising with Exascale. 

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