Eurotech Further Strengthens Its Internet of Things Portfolio and Partner Ecosystem

By delivering IoT Platform Functionality in a modular “Docker fashion”, Eurotech simplifies and accelerates the seamless integration with partner offerings 

Amaro (Italy), June 21st 2016 – Eurotech reveals new ways for customers and partners to deliver powerful Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and reconfirms its commitment to a strong IoT partner ecosystem that is able to address the wide range of challenges, the implementation of successful IoT solutions represent. 

“Integrated end-to-end IoT solutions that combine the individual strength of ecosystem partners require architectures and products that are modular and standards based in nature”. Mr. Robert Andres, CMO of Eurotech comments. “As a logical next step Eurotech has decided to offer its IoT Integration Platform in the form of Docker modules allowing easy deployment and deeper integration with existing IT software and infrastructure.” 

Many customers and partners are building their IoT solutions on a solid foundation provided by the IoT technology building blocks and services Eurotech offers. Perfect examples are the partnerships Eurotech maintains with Red Hat and Hitachi that both in recent press releases have pointed out their understanding of the value and necessity of a strong ecosystem to deliver IoT solutions. The companies’ respective competencies and products perfectly complement each other with Eurotech being strong on the Operational Technology (OT) side with hardware and software. 

Eurotech has been delivering distributed device solutions involving both hardware and software for more than two decades. This invaluable experience has been made available in a broad portfolio of products and services to both our customers and our system integration partners. These products are based on open industry standards and were built to specifically address the IoT/IT issues many companies experience. 

Besides providing a broad range of IoT hardware solutions ranging from CPU Boards and SBCs to fully certified gateways for many vertical applications, Eurotech offers an IoT device application framework called the Everyware Software Framework (ESF), that speeds up the development and deployment of the specific application or business logic on the IoT edge device. ESF is a commercial, enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the popular open source Java/ OSGi middleware for IoT multi-service gateways and smart devices. 

Everyware Cloud, the IoT/M2M integration platform integrates easily into existing enterprise IT infrastructures, offering simple access through standard APIs to real-time and historical data from devices. In addition, this IoT Integration Platform also enables effective remote device management as well as the device life cycle features that ensure a smooth deployment and management of these devices in the field. This IoT/M2M integration platform is also available for on-premise and private cloud deployment. 

Mr. Roberto Siagri, CEO of Eurotech, commented: “Every day, we as a company are working on solutions that, by encapsulating the complexity of IoT operational technologies, enable our customers and partners to develop and implement successfully IoT applications. We make complex technologies available as easy-to-use services and products. System Integrators, Software Vendors, Device Manufacturers and the other actors in the market can rely on our IoT portfolio, allowing them to focus all their attention towards their solutions.”

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