Eurotech extends its Everyware Device Cloud Developers Kit with Bitreactive’s visual coding tool & Reactive Blocks to simplify and accelerate the development of software for M2M / IoT devices

AMARO (Italy), October 23rd, 2015 – Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded systems, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions announces the integration of Eurotech’s EDC DEVKIT with Reactive Blocks, the visual coding tool of Bitreactive, an IoT startup based out of Norway. The extended developer kit will allow traditional software developers and operational engineers the ability to create prototypes or more sophisticated applications on IoT gateways. 

The move enhances Eurotech’s IoT strategy to increase and accelerate the adoption of IoT technologies by removing many of the complexities and technological barriers companies faced when creating and deploying IoT Solutions. 

Gateways are critical to many IoT solutions. They can react locally - even if the network is down, add security functions, reduce latency, and minimize network traffic and associated costs. 

Up to now, programming the applications running on these gateways has been a non-trivial task, it has required experience in handling concurrent computing tasks and an understanding of platform specifics; such as low level interfaces and protocols. A gateway must interact with several interfaces and devices, be monitored and controlled remotely, and have the ability to adapt to changes in the environment. 

With Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF), programmers with Java/OSGi skills can quickly create M2M and IoT applications, test their code on a local simulation environment, and deploy their application with one click onto the target gateway device, and perform remote debugging. 

Now, Reactive Blocks will provide ESF programmers with a high productive visual coding tool for robust and flexible application development. By leveraging its open source, off-the-shelf visual building block libraries for IoT applications, non-expert technical staff, such as pre-sales or field application engineers, can rapidly prototype and build ESF applications for Eurotech’s IoT gateways. 

The combination of Eurotech and Reactive Blocks will enable rapid prototyping and offer a simpler, more productive way to develop IoT edge intelligence; this combined offer is a major advancement in delivering IoT solutions quicker and shortening the end user’s time to revenue.

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