Eurotech and Misurio Ltd show innovative Smart Energy IoT solutions at CeBIT

Eurotech’s device & data management technology combined with Misurio’s vertical Smart Energy solution is presented at the IoT Solutions Eurotech & Partners area in Hannover (Hall 13 Booth E77) 

Amaro, ITALY – March 4, 2016 – Eurotech, a leading provider of smart devices and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies enabling Internet of Things (IoT) applications, together with Misurio Ltd., are presenting smart energy solutions, based on the combined expertise and technology of both companies. 

Misurio manages the flexibility of its customers' energy systems. Manufacturers, network operators and consumers benefit from increased revenue and profits and reduced costs. The solutions that will be offered and demonstrated combine smart sensors and computational capabilities at the edge of the network infrastructure with powerful algorithms and visualization solutions at the enterprise IT level (data center & cloud). 

Based on their experience with holistic optimization algorithms for electricity producers, suppliers and consumers, Misurio is taking their service level a big step further. To facilitate customer specific business models, Misurio has created a cloud-based infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT) named EnergyOn Platform that covers everything from gateways in the frontend to powerful algorithms in the backend. The EnergyOn Platform enables customers to collect extensive data online from their appliances («Things») in the field, detect patterns, reduce complexity, derive optimal actions based on their business model and send the corresponding set points back to the appliances. 

Karl Werlen, CEO of Misurio Ltd. commented: “Working with partners like Eurotech that truly understand the unique challenges and benefits associated with IoT projects and solutions from an operational technologies perspective, has allowed us to bring our expertise and value proposition to the market today.” 

For the required OT infrastructure building blocks, Misurio is leveraging Eurotech's expertise in programmable IoT gateways and takes advantage of Eurotech’s products and technology in data, device and embedded application management (Everyware Device Cloud). Due to Eurotech`s embedded software and remote device management capabilities, data from devices, sensors and meters can be collected and pre-processed at the edge of the communication infrastructure. Everyware Cloud, Eurotech’s proven IoT Integration Platform ensures effective, fast and secure data communication with distributed systems in the field. 

Eurotech’s CMO, Robert Andres said on the jointly presented use case at CeBIT: “Misurio, with its unique expertise and vertical competences is a perfect partner delivering comprehensive end-to-end smart energy solutions and services to customers. The Misurio use case at CeBIT is an excellent example of a working ecosystem play and partnership, resulting in the kind of solid vertical solution-focused customers are looking for today.”

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