In the Oil&Gas industry, correct reservoir identification is paramount to decrease risk and the associate cost of setting operations that are becoming deeper, harsher, more remote and consequently more expensive. Also, there is in the industry a quest for more operational efficiency and flexibility.

Aurora HPC solutions can help Oil&Gas players to reach more efficiency and decrease costs, providing tremendous horsepower to the processes of acquisition, pre-processing and processing of seismic data, reservoir modelling and basin modelling.

This is thanks to solutions that are built around high performance, in terms not only of computational flops, but also of I/O (very fast connections like Infiniband or 3D Torus), storage speed, reliability and energy efficiency. Aurora can easily adapt very fast local storage directly on the boards. Aurora systems are also a highly compatible solution, X86 based and Intel Cluster Ready, which allow open source and commercial software to run from day one and be ported with no compatibility issues.

Our HPC solutions are tailored around customer needs, leveraging systems ranging from office deployable completely noiseless clusters to petascale installations and portable rugged HPC, storage and software integration to get the max performance out of applications from vendors like Paradigm, Acceleware, Schlumberger, Geostar, Tsunami.

Eurotech offers the possibility to oilfield services companies and oil companies to purchase an end to end solution in one stop shop. Aurora supercomputers can be deployed in a datacentre, as a compact no moving parts solution in a boat or as a rugged and portable supercomputer in a moving lorry or in harsh environments.

Least but not last, Aurora means Green IT allowing a data centre to reach a PUE of 1.05, avoiding chillers and air conditioning in any climate zone: this is not only an option for an organisation to build “Green” goodwill, but also to save quite consistently on energy bills.

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