Aurora HPC for Life Sciences

From an HPC perspective, “life sciences” refers to those disciplines that make use of informatics to understand better and unveil the secrets that the living matter holds. With HPC, Universities, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations and biotech aim to accelerate discoveries, stay competitive and improve the effectiveness of clinical treatments.
Simulation, molecular modelling, data management, next generation sequencing are increasingly common in life science disciplines and they all rely on a robust combination of big data analytics and high performance computing (HPC). The limiting factor for the growth of such techniques is nowadays mostly computational.

To help users tackle the many challenges in life sciences and get rid of the computational constraints, Eurotech proposes the Aurora Bioaccelerate solution based on the Aurora HPC product lines.

Aurora Bioaccelerate HPC solution brings to the life science applications a new boost. The core of the solution is based on HiVe (High Velocity) accelerated nodes. The same physical rack can contain computation and fast storage nodes, to be able to perform accelerated data analytics and simulation. Aurora Tigon nodes may extend the solution for those applications that scale better on CPU cores or make more limited used of accelerators and co-processors.
Graphic card serves, coupled to the system, allow for the best remote visualization experience in order to visualize, manipulate, and understand life science and bio-medical data.

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