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Banking and finance has traditionally relied on heavy IT investments to support operations and gain competitive advantage. HPC ushers a new way for finance to look for leading edges and, equally importantly, the means to manage risk better.

One of the main causes of the big credit crisis of 2007-2008 was that the risk of the underlying assets of financial instruments like CDOs was completely misjudged. It is not widespread that one reason for this was the algorithms of the models used to represent the risk parameters were too complex and heavy to be rapidly and conveniently executed on traditional computer technology.

This is one example that explains why many financial institutions have adopted HPC solutions obtaining a a positive impact to the bottom line..

The Aurora systems and solutions are not simply clusters: they are the Ferrari of the servers! They can unleash all of the computational power Banking needs to speed up both the simulations (Montecarlo, for instance) and the analytics/transactions.

Whether to be used for high frequency trading, for calculating derivatives prices, for detecting frauds or for dozens of other applications, Eurotech can provide solutions that are engines for ultra fast performance.

Eurotech HPC is modular and scalable, easily growing from a desktop to a full server, compatible, using X86 processors, and noiseless, being liquid cooled and hence deployable in a server room or in a compact desktop version directly in an office or a trading floor. It boasts FPGA chips that can be used for many purposes from security to acceleration of performance.

Eurotech can provide solutions to exploit code parallelization and to fully benefit from the tremendous power of the Aurora systems.

Aurora systems can run a vast variety of Windows and Linux based software.

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