Earth sciences

Running ensemble calculations, building complex climate models, predicting seismic events, forecasting accurately weather, simulate climate change or events like hurricanes present some daunting computational challenges. There is the need to increase the spatial accuracy of the models as well as extending them in time, relying on supercomputers that can deliver results in shorter timeframes. Power and speed are quintessential to sustain the accuracy and the timeliness of the results. Likewise, it is fundamental for the powerful machines required to be as much energy efficient as possible.

Aurora from Eurotech can help sustaining climate and earth science, by providing the computational power required to achieve quicker and more precise results.
The Aurora supercomputers are unique machine that deliver extraordinary power in a very power efficient way and with a very high density: the AuroraHPC 10-10 can reach a petaFlops in just 10 standard 19’’ racks. It is liquid cooled so it doesn’t require any air conditioning.
This contributes both to a green image and to a compelling TCO. Aurora modular architecture allows for units to be deployed in an office and also in a moving environment.

Rugged and cloud products for environment monitoring and weather forecast

Eurotech rugged and cloud products offer a complement to HPC for an end to end solution to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor operations.
Eurotech proposes the only ruggedized HPC system in the market, bringing to the field an unprecedented computational power ideal to support radar operations, video monitoring and complex data management operations.
Also, the Eurotech device cloud proposition allows to save hundreds of man days cost, providing a framework that makes easy to build business applications managing data gathered from thousands of sensors

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