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The traditional approach to securing computer systems against threats is to design protective shield mechanisms such as firewalls, identity authentication tools and virtual private networks. However, the effectiveness of these barriers has more the once put under discussion with spectacular security breaches. Moreover, the amount , confidentiality and sensitivity of the data stored in computer systems is on the rise as it is increasing the capability of hakers to break security walls. This creates the demand for more secure systems that detect intrusions, identify attacks, prevent sensitive information to leave security zones, timestamp and validate data and documents, protect intellectual property, perform data encryption, just to mention some examples.

One of the most important requirements in the security segment – but also the most
difficult to meet – is minimization of the impact of the time taken for checks on activities’ actual execution times, particularly in the case of financial transactions, or if it is necessary not to give any evidence that a certain activity is subject to massive cross-checks.

Hence the emergence of the tangible need for supercomputers, able to perform the large number of checks required in an extremely short time.
In addition, modern methods for the identification of cyber crimes increasingly involve techniques featuring cross-analysis of data coming from several different sources – and these techniques further increase the computing capacity required.

The nowadays security solutions require a mix of software and hardware to boost the power of security algorithms, analyse enormous data quantities in real time, rapidly crypt and decrypt data, identify abnormal patterns, check identities, simulate attacks, validate software security proof, petrol systems, analyse video material and many more additional actions.

Aurora high performance systems for security provide very powerful solutions to speed up the above operations over and beyond traditional servers and storage. The Aurora on-node FPGAs allow for secure encryption/decryption to coexist with the fastest processors in the market. The Aurora Dura Mater rugged HPC, an outdoor portable highly robust system, can be deployed closer to where the data is capture to allow a number of on filed operations like for instance the processing of video surveillance data, bypassing network bottlenecks.

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