Which are your needs?

The Eurotech HPC products fulfill a wide range of business and computational needs, in size and diversity.
Whether you need few nodes to run an out of shelf application faster or many racks to build the next generation supercomputer, Eurotech has a modular approach that let you scale from an office desktop size “personal” supercomputer to a fully packed server room.
Which is the problem you need to solve? How fast does a job need to be processed? Eurotech HPCs have both a QDR IB switched network and an ultra low latency FPGA driven 3DTorus interconnect, to run the widest variety of applications.

Whether you need an HPC system on a boat or on vehicle to speed up oil reservoir exploration, to control a radar or a set of video surveillance cameras, Eurotech products can be designed to be portable and ruggedized, to function even in harsh outdoor conditions.
Is low availability your problem? Eurotech HPC product line boasts quality products, with no moving parts, limited hot spots, optimally and proactively supported, to increase MTBF and decrease maintenance cost spare parts.

If your issue is energy cost and availability, Eurotech has the best in class suite of hot liquid cooled HPC systems that greatly boost energy efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Energy efficiency, no air conditioning, less spare parts, less real estate space means greener systems! With a growing number of companies taking the road to sustainability, does your company want to prove that they choose products contributing to minimize waste and offset carbon footprint?

Eurotech systems mark the end of the noise pollution: thanks to their liquid cooling, they are completely silent and vibration free. No noisy fans, no vibrations, dusty datacenter rooms, but good looking, user friendly and easy to access equipment. A system so silent that could be deployed in an office floor!

Is your main issue datacenter space? Eurotech HPCs high packaging density allows installing the highest number of Intel cores in a single rack. Higher density means easier system placement and deployment, centralized heat removal, and higher performance per unit volume.It also means less real estate expenditure and lower carbon footprint.

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