Eurotech liquid cooling is hot!

At Eurotech, we believe the exascale challenge will require solving the issues of energy consumption, extreme parallelization and reliability of such large systems. This is one of the reasons why we have adopted hot water cooled technologies since the first supercomputer prototype of the Aurora line was designed in 2007. Eurotech hot water cooling, together with a well engineered optimization in power conversion, allow us to lower the data center PUE down to the 1,05 mark.

As the first company in the industry to propose a direct on component hot water cooled HPC system, Eurotech has the technology and the experience to deliver, maintain and support highly reliable liquid cooled HPC solutions.

The cooling works with an inlet water temperature of above 50 C: this means your system can be liquid cooled in any climate zone you decide to deploy it. The use of on components direct liquid cooling allows maximizing heat removal efficiency and avoiding on board hot spots.

Thermal energy recovery

Eurotech has the in house competences to design ad hoc systems that make thermal energy reuse a reality. This means recovering the heat generated by the IT equipment through the hot water used to cool the computer system. The heat can be transformed either in additional cooling through an absorption chiller or in electrical energy. The warm water can also be used in central heating or in industrial processes.

Finally, water cooling is not only energy efficiency and savings but also a better working environment where the noise of the ventilation is replaced by the silence of the water running through the cooling pipes.

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