Intel Cluster Ready

Aurora systems are Intel® Cluster Ready certified. This means in the first place being part of a vast, ever-growing community of OEM, ISV, developers and users around the world. By offering certified Intel® Cluster Ready systems, Aurora makes purchasing, deployment and operation of large or small systems easier and quicker. In this way Eurotech can provide customers with greater confidence in HPC systems adoption. Customers can easily select an Aurora system, and put it to use immediately, without interoperability issues. Being ICR, Aurora machines are interoperable with registered applications from numerous leading ISVs. This means a wider customer target range who can benefit from Aurora ICR HPC systems running ICR applications. Using Intel® Cluster Checker, Aurora system management is simplified for customers, at the same time enabling Eurotech to accelerate intervention in case of a customer support call.

Eurotech is proud to be the recipient of the Intel® Cluster Ready Voyager Award 2009: "The Intel Cluster Ready certification ensures that Aurora provides a hardware, software, manageability and functionality basis that eliminates the complexity traditionally found in HPC clusters" said Dr. Herbert Cornelius, director of Advanced Computing Center, Intel EMEA. "Crucial aspects, such as software compatibility and completeness, interoperability and robust system management are ensured in an Intel Cluster Ready environment such as the one provided by the Aurora cluster solution."

Intel® Cluster Ready makes available to end users and OEM a vast selection of
Intel® Cluster Ready Software Solutions

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