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The main features that characterize the AURORA are:

Intelligent Performance

- Intel® Xeon® 5500 series CPUs
Solid State Disk
On-node Programmable Accelerator

Each Aurora node card provides two Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors and up to 24GB of DDR3 memory and a performance of up to 100GFLOPS.
An Intel® Solid State Disk with up to 160GB provides local storage for the fastest and most reliable checkpointing and application I/O. Extra acceleration and customization is possible thanks to the on-node, high performance programmable accelerator.


- 100GFLOPS/Node
– 24TeraFLOPS/rack
– 1PetaFLOPS in just 42 racks

Aurora has a modular design: one rack delivers 24TeraFLOPS and consists of 8 chassis, each delivering 3TeraFLOPS.
The exceptional computational density of Aurora permits the deployment of very large systems with a very small footprint: for instance a 1PetaFLOPS installation requires just 42 Aurora racks.

Unified Network Architecture

- 60Gbps 3D torus
– QDR Infiniband®
– Sub µs memory to memory latency

The Unified Network Architecture merges a 60Gbps 3D torus with a 40Gbs switched topology. The key components are the programmable network processor for the 3D torus and the Infiniband® adapter for the switched, QDR network.
The Unified Network Architecture permits automatic or user-optimized traffic routing of MPI traffic and the offloading of dedicated protocols (such as SAN, monitoring).

Computational Efficiency

- Synchronization networks
– Reconfigurable network processor

Three independent synchronization networks (system, sub-domain and local) preserve efficiency at Petascale by guaranteeing that the communications and the scheduling of all nodes are automatically handled.
The reconfigurable network processor allows alternative communication protocols and routing schemes.

Energy Efficiency

- Liquid cooling
– As much as 60% energy savings

All Aurora modules (node cards, power infrastructure, controller modules) are liquid cooled, permitting a very high computational density and dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership. Direct liquid cooling cuts operating costs being much more efficient and compact compared to traditional air and air-liquid hybrid approaches. Aurora liquid cooling infrastructure is fully integrated, for the highest level of compatibility with existing data centers.


- Full x86 compatibility
– Optimized MPI libraries

Aurora minimizes porting time and costs by providing full x86 compatibility thanks to the adoption of the Intel® Xeon® 5500 series CPUs. Aurora supports the full set of MPI libraries: most HPC codes compile and execute at very high efficiency even without system specific optimization.


- ServNet®
– No moving parts

Aurora has been designed to provide the highest level of reliability: all critical system components are redundant. Liquid cooling and solid state storage eliminate vibrations and moving parts. Temperature of components is finely controlled and kept within optimal range for maximum reliability.


- Redundant
– Hot Swap
– Zero Knowledge Replacement

Petascale installations must comply with the highest levels of availability. Aurora provides fine control and predictive capabilities over component behavior with dedicated and standard interfaces (IPMI, ServNet®). ServNet® provides a fully independent system monitoring and control infrastructure.
Nodes support Zero Knowledge Replacement, where stateless nodes are automatically configured by location (slot) aware user-programmable logic. The physical substitution of nodes is a snap thanks to hot-swap capabilities.

Aurora Au-5500 base
Aurora Au-5500: an energy efficient, scalable, powerful, noiseless and versatile range of systems.

Aurora Au-5500 ushers in a new era of high performance computing from department down to office levels. Its system level optimization allows unprecedented efficiency and cost reduction, while running a system with state of the art performance. Aurora Au-5500 delivers seamless
scalability while maximizing efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership across the entire operational life of the equipment.
Aurora Au-5500 is entirely liquid cooled: it is silent, it looks good and does not vibrate. No need to hide it in an expensive, messy computer room.

Aurora Au-5500 has the highest processing density available for Intel based computers, reducing the real estate footprint, quite an useful feature in offices or space tight installations. Aurora Au-5500 systems require less energy to operate and to be cooled, thanks to highly efficient heat removal and power conversion.
Thanks to its dual Intel Xeon5500 computing nodes, and to a choice of interconnects, Aurora can solve today's and tomorrow's problems in the most cost effective manner, and in an environment-friendly way.
Aurora Au-5500 can scale almost indefinitely and can reach Petascale with 42 racks, a reasonable system size, all this while keeping application, os, middleware compatibility, thanks to its x86 CPUs.
Aurora Au-5500 can be successfully deployed in all sizes of installations, from a low node count system up to a virtually unlimited system size, thanks to the scalability of its 3D Torus interconnect. Versatile, thanks to its reconfigurable fpga based computing provision, it can adapt to a range of applications, such as:


  • Density
  • Liquid cooling
  • No noise
  • High efficiency
  • Compatibility
  • Choice of interconnects


  • Seismic data
  • Oil drill prospections
  • Climate modeling
  • Weather forecast
  • High energy theoretical physics
Aurora Au-5500 base img
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