ESF 5.1.0

Everyware Software Framework V. 5.1.0

ESF 5.1.0
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com.eurotech.ble.sensortag.driver_1.0.0.dp icon (50 KB)
TI Sensortag driver Deployment Package (1.0.0)
MD5: 7ca720d27c152e01668d498b861241c8
com.eurotech.example.bluetooth_1.0.200.dp icon (17 KB)
Bluetooth Classic App Deployment Package (v1.0.200)
MD5: 8936441927a753b99304a35861bf29df
com.eurotech.framework.fuse_1.0.100.dp icon (3.5 MB)
Red Hat Fuse bundles Deployment Package (v1.0.100)
MD5: 99896cd5ccd31cbb1a6f58480cb284fe
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2.zonemanager_1.0.200.dp icon (96 KB)
PCN Zonemanager Deployment Package (v1.0.200)
MD5: 3f736094cb4cf0bff0504c979b343f53
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2_3.0.200.dp icon (59 KB)
PCN Deployment Package (v3.0.200) PCN Bundle
MD5: e01fbdb0c4677454fca417b88b796ef2
com.eurotech.modbus.driver_1.0.100.dp icon (0.5 MB)
Modbus Driver Deployment Package (v1.0.100)
MD5: f25637b05d1467845af1dabb92ef9dcc
com.eurotech.opcua.driver_1.0.100.dp icon (5.8 MB)
OPC-UA Driver for Wires (v1.0.100)
MD5: ba813d45b50b6f0e0e24ae7805094c7b icon (22 KB)
PCN Transportation App Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: c3b4040161d6b85006f7801db934abab
com.eurotech.s7plc.driver_1.0.0.dp icon (0.1 MB)
S7 PLC Driver Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: ce914c7451f56217f1204e923978c748
com.eurotech.wire.script.filter_1.0.0.dp icon (29 KB)
Wires Script Filter Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: c224dd2482e8696e51beda31619cf803
org.eclipse.kura.demo.heater_1.0.200.dp icon (27 KB)
Virtual Heater Deployment Package (v1.0.200)
MD5: c1e730ef153e82a26b422e14d7d0a0ac
org.eclipse.kura.demo.modbus_2.0.100.dp icon (22 KB)
Modbus example Deployment Package (v2.0.100)
MD5: ee62354717d27832f8be61a7c98e11eb
org.eclipse.kura.example.beacon.scanner_1.0.200.dp icon (14 KB)
Beacon scanner Deployment Package (1.0.200)
MD5: a3f966a419492936ddec1b3fdbf8a0d4
org.eclipse.kura.example.beacon_1.0.200.dp icon (14 KB)
Beacon Broadcaster Deployment Package (v1.0.200)
MD5: ddbf7dfaab0f4c0074bced97123d04ac
org.eclipse.kura.example.ble.tisensortag.tinyb_1.0.0.dp icon (34 KB)
TI SensorTag App for Tinyb Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: 70a24381b2683783b7e017ea91b25ff1
org.eclipse.kura.example.ble.tisensortag_1.0.200.dp icon (33 KB)
TI SensorTag App Deployment Package (v1.0.200)
MD5: cd8eebf22597f7c6bcd302536582ce16
org.eclipse.kura.example.eddystone.advertiser_1.0.0.dp icon (15 KB)
Eddystone Advertiser Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: 695f7583c2f460da36344b9292196a6a
org.eclipse.kura.example.eddystone.scanner_1.0.0.dp icon (16 KB)
Eddystone Scanner Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: dbbbd1544566a59d4f0c28d55bce3a56
org.eclipse.kura.example.ibeacon.advertiser_1.0.0.dp icon (15 KB)
iBeacon Advertiser Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: 5bd771e96bd58b560f7783d58f849a03
org.eclipse.kura.example.ibeacon.scanner_1.0.0.dp icon (16 KB)
iBeacon Scanner Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: 80dcd2da89a8dd2ff11ce4b37638a139
org.eclipse.kura.example.publisher_1.0.200.dp icon (27 KB)
Example Publisher Deployment Package (v1.0.200)
MD5: b8059cf0b6070e5009c00d3461138b8c
org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus_2.0.100.dp icon (39 KB)
Modbus Protocol Deployment Package (2.0.100)
MD5: 545990c3ee4097611ee9b83d27cd8b12

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