ESF 4.1.0

Everyware Software Framework V. 4.1.0

ESF 4.1.0
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com.eurotech.example.bluetooth_1.0.3.dp icon (17 KB)
Bluetooth Classic App Deployment Package (v1.0.3)
MD5: d5a5be4eed38d224ec7bcc84a55edfeb
com.eurotech.framework.diagnostics_3.0.4.dp icon (1.3 MB)
Diagnostic Deployment Package (v3.0.4) Diagnostic Bundle
MD5: 259073e71b8def6e8b847b9616a2418b
com.eurotech.framework.fuse_1.0.0.dp icon (3.5 MB)
Red Hat Fuse bundles
MD5: 41399a74f4207a132d95f77ab9a69694
com.eurotech.framework.gps.forwarder_1.0.0.dp icon (39 KB)
GPS Sentence Forwarder Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: b55c44884e09688ba60f4e85cc8521cf
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2.zonemanager_1.0.5.dp icon (93 KB)
PCN Zonemanager Deployment Package (v1.0.5)
MD5: af53d2804f5d010a42690ff646a44a83
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2_3.0.9.dp icon (58 KB)
PCN Deployment Package (v3.0.9) PCN Bundle
MD5: 2083e50b270cb853c723512c62413e03
com.eurotech.framework.terminal.client.server_1.0.3.dp icon (45 KB)
Terminal Client/Server Deployment Package (v1.0.3)
MD5: 79ac16990a3f390d5efaa18bc7fef32c
org.eclipse.kura.demo.heater_1.0.2.dp icon (26 KB)
Virtual Heater Deployment Package (v1.0.2)
MD5: 614f04f6210cf050be5c864342f45762
org.eclipse.kura.demo.modbus_1.0.3.dp icon (18 KB)
Modbus example Deployment Package (v1.0.3)
MD5: 322d3225233cc0403ce102449b5278a5
org.eclipse.kura.example.beacon_1.0.2.dp icon (13 KB)
Beacon Broadcaster Deployment Package (v1.0.2)
MD5: d36b4b53a738500e1ed36c5937243232
org.eclipse.kura.example.ble.tisensortag_1.0.3.dp icon (32 KB)
TI SensorTag App Deployment Package (v1.0.3)
MD5: a8e6d2784115ef3d5357c52df3054783
org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus_1.0.3.dp icon (41 KB)
Modbus Protocol Deployment Package (v1.0.3)
MD5: a0f58a292dda4d3538a79c845c10d84a
nashorn.jar icon (3.5 MB)
Nashorn JVM Add-on for Java 8
MD5: 56e4afc7ae25d2039ffc16ac08f504a4 icon (12 KB)
PCN Transportation Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: 8ab5ceda2038e661bc40c42c3f83aa8c

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