ESF 4.0.2

Everyware Software Framework V. 4.0.2

ESF 4.0.2
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com.eurotech.example.bluetooth_1.0.2.dp icon (17 KB)
Bluetooth Classic App Deployment Package (v1.0.2)
MD5: 101e4178280c392e49fe3a69821d2cd7
com.eurotech.framework.gps.forwarder_1.0.0.dp icon (39 KB)
GPS Sentence Forwarder Deployment Package (v1.0.0)
MD5: e56050b18ab2553f6b2ebb33f0541dfb
com.eurotech.framework.diagnostics_3.0.4.dp icon (1.3 MB)
Diagnostic Deployment Package (v3.0.4) Diagnostic Bundle
MD5: 2f3e9891f32b36b752a588a0f6eeca96
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2_3.0.8.dp icon (58 KB)
PCN Deployment Package (v3.0.8) PCN Bundle
MD5: 414de60f3aee34ee9427a2f57c75ae04
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2.zonemanager_1.0.4.dp icon (94 KB)
PCN Zonemanager Deployment Package (v1.0.4)
MD5: 28e85b62d795be05d34e6fdb82905dfe
com.eurotech.framework.terminal.client.server_1.0.2.dp icon (44 KB)
Terminal Client/Server Deployment Package (v1.0.2)
MD5: 73bcb9f9cdf81b876d520eb855af28d0
org.eclipse.kura.demo.heater_1.0.1.dp icon (21 KB)
Virtual Heater Deployment Package (v1.0.1)
MD5: c93a4ac2a116267fb77423f493c2d38d
org.eclipse.kura.example.beacon_1.0.1.dp icon (14 KB)
Beacon Broadcaster Deployment Package (v1.0.1)
MD5: c9a7655c063a8df8be5cf2b06313ef6f
org.eclipse.kura.example.ble.tisensortag_1.0.2.dp icon (32 KB)
TI SensorTag App Deployment Package (v1.0.2)
MD5: 5df974536e7b7edfc90e792592fad4a0
org.eclipse.kura.protocol.modbus_1.0.2.dp icon (41 KB)
Modbus Protocol Deployment Package (v1.0.2)
MD5: 0735f3669ba440c1beb96ae2e823725e

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