ESF 3.2.0 Old

Everyware Software Framework V. 3.2.0

ESF 3.2.0
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com.eurotech.framework.diagnostics_3.0.3.dp icon (1.3 MB)
Diagnostic Deployment Package (v3.0.3) Diagnostic Bundle
MD5: 9759a08402742cdeb8c3893c2fafad3e icon (23 KB)
VPN Client Deployment Package (v3.0.3) VPN Client
MD5: d9eb5ac1bff0d064758d3655f37b3095
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2_3.0.4.dp icon (66 KB)
PCN Deployment Package (v3.0.4) PCN Bundle
MD5: a182c0aea011caaab3f3b80f181dd8de
com.eurotech.framework.protocol.pcn2.zonemanager_1.0.3.dp icon (0.1 MB)
PCN Zonemanager Deployment Package (v1.0.3)
MD5: 62d71010ec80cd922e9e66ed71ae3e32
org.eclipse.kura.core.provisioning_1.0.5.dp icon (34 KB)
Device Provisioning Deployment Package (v1.0.5)
MD5: f35c806a467e7466982f147993428334

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