Mobile Networking

Eurotech’s networking solutions deliver secure data, voice, and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wireless networks. These rugged devices enable a variety of situational awareness and net-centric applications, including in-vehicle wireless Internet access, Voice Over IP (VoIP), streaming video surveillance, and smart vehicle diagnostics/maintenance.
DuraNAS 1000 1 DuraNAS 1000 Rugged Network Attached Storage  image: DuraNAS 1000
DuraNET 2955 Switch 1 Ruggedized Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 12 FE Switched Ports & 2 Gigabit Uplinks  image: DuraNET 2955 Switch
DuraNET 1059 Switch 1 Rugged Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Node w/ 5 Fast Ethernet Ports  image: DuraNET 1059 Switch
DuraNET 1268 1 Rugged 10-Port gigabit ethernet switch, lightly managed  image: DuraNET 1268
DuraNET 3000 1 Ruggedized Cisco IE-3000 Ethernet Switch, IOS Managed -10/18/26 Ports  image: DuraNET 3000
DuraNET 3825 2 Ruggedized Cisco 3825 integrated service router  image: DuraNET 3825