Mobile Routers

Eurotech mobile IP routers are designed for a multitude of industrial telemetry applications, and net-centric operation in rolling stock installations such as on trains and metros. Some models are available with Cisco Systems’ industry standard IOS® software and 3200 series mobile access routing (MAR) technology.

ZyWAN G9 1 Robust cellular router providing connectivity for a comprehensive range of devices  image: ZyWAN G9
ZyWAN 1 Industrial quad band 3G/GPRS/GSM cellular routing modem for WWAN connectivity  image: ZyWAN
DuraMAR 5915 1 Rugged Cisco 5915 Mobile IP Router Subsystem with Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Switch  image: DuraMAR 5915
DuraMAR 2150 3 Rugged Mobile Access Router  image: DuraMAR 2150
DuraMAR 3230 1 Rugged Cisco 3230 mobile IP router w/integrated gigabit ethernet switch  image: DuraMAR 3230
DuraMAR 1000 1 Rugged Mobile IP Router (MAR-1001-03) - 5 Ethernet & 4 Serial on MIL-38999, MIL-810/704/1275/461  image: DuraMAR 1000