Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers are purpose-built mobile systems that target demanding vehicle installations. Most of Eurotech’s devices comply with EN50155 vehicle standards which makes them ideal for solutions such as those found within rail networks and rolling stock, buses, maritime vessels, etc.
DynaVIS 10-00 1 Connected, Rugged, Mobile Display Computer  image: DynaVIS 10-00
DynaCOR 10-00 1 Connected Rugged Mobile Computer  image: DynaCOR 10-00
Helios Platform 1 Highly flexible, programmable edge controller  image: Helios Platform
DuraCOR DC 1200 1 Rugged mobile on-board computer with GPS, Wifi and Wireless functionalities  image: DuraCOR DC 1200
DuraCOR DC 1400 1 High integration rugged mobile onboard computer for fleet management and high-end audio/video processing  image: DuraCOR DC 1400
DuraCOR 810 2 Rugged MIL-STD-810 COTS Processor Platform  image: DuraCOR 810
DuraNAV 8 Embedded Automatic Vehicle Location System  image: DuraNAV
DuraCOR 820 1 Small Form-Factor Tactical Mission Computer  image: DuraCOR 820
PROTEUS ICE 1 Compact enclosure based on Intel® Atom™ processor  image: PROTEUS ICE
DuraCOR 810-Duo 1 Dual-Core MIL rugged computing platform  image: DuraCOR 810-Duo