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The Eurotech Platform - May 2015

The business alchemy of the IoT - Roberto Siagri's Interview
The medieval alchemists searched long and hard to find the Elixir of Life and turn base metals into gold. Our generation – and especially the M2M/IoT community – is now carrying out a similar transformation, turning silicon, copper, rare earth elements and the airy ether of the radio spectrum into new products, services, business models and profits. Roberto Siagri, Eurotech President and CEO, spoke about the role Eurotech is playing in this transformation and what the future holds.
Roberto Siagri
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iNebula and Eurotech team up to create iNebula Connect Service for Smart Objects
iNebula, providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud computing solutions, and Eurotech are pleased to announce the launch of the new iNebula Connect service, the industry’s first cloud service to offer a distributed and secure communication platform designed to support smart objects. The solution is engineered to collect, store and distribute data with high value application workloads and perform real-time analysis, is fully scalable and compliant with data management regulations.
iNebula logo
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The Power of Teamwork: Eurotech and Intel Simplify IoT for Developers

In this guest blog post, Robert Andres, Eurotech CMO, explains how the Eurotech Everyware Software Framework combines Intel technology-based hardware, Wind River Linux Software, Oracle Java Virtual machine, and McAfee security technology, to create an approachable framework for IoT developers.

Robert Andres
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Dynatem introduces a liquid cooled High Performance Embedded Computer server for Rugged Environments
Dynatem, a Eurotech subsidiary, introduced the BoldHPC 50-10 a liquid cooled HPEC server designed for maximum performance in rugged environments. Safe, reliable liquid cooling enables greater performance, 1000 times more effective than air-cooling and consumes less energy than fans. The BoldHPC design, without any moving parts, makes it ideal for applications like intelligent surveillance and reconnaissance, heavy computational loads, simulation, signal processing, and data concentrators.
BoldHPC liquid cooled HPEC server
sRead More: Dynatem introduces a liquid cooled HPEC server

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