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Eurotech November Newsletter 2013

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Eurotech news highlightsIntel Stacks more chips onto its existing M2M wagerArchitect Oleg Kostukovsky describes the People Counter demo, which is a combination of sensors, gateways, a database in the cloud, and a JavaFX UI.Eclipse Foundation Adds New Internet Of Things Projects To Help Push M2M Standards Forwardshow more news
The Eurotech Platform - September 2013
Oracle Partner Case Study : Eurotech
Read Oracle’s Partner Success Story exploring Eurotech’s Internet of Things/M2M Everyware Cloud and ESF solutions used in our recent collaboration with Oracle at JavaOne. These overviews highlight innovative partner solutions based on Oracle technology that bring new capabilities to IT and operations teams.
Read more: Oracle Partner Case Study : Eurotech
$3M Order from AirVend for Interactive Vending Touchscreen Solution

AirVend has issued a $3 Million order for hardware to power an interactive vending touchscreen solution called the AV 7. AirVend is ramping up production of the innovative device that enables compliance with pending calorie disclosure regulations, accepts cashless payment, and provides real-time monitoring data.

$3M Order from AirVend for Interactive Vending Touchscreen Solution
Read more: $3M Order from AirVend for Interactive Vending Touchscreen Solution
Zypad WL 11xx Goes Hollywood

Director Sebastián Cordero's latest film Europa Report, features one of Eurotech's wrist wearable computers. The Zypad WL 11xx, was chosen to mirror the real world nature of the film's use of technology. The story follows an international crew of astronauts as they undertake a privately funded mission to search for life on Jupiter's fourth largest moon. Image ©Start Media.

ZyPad WL11XX in Europa Report
Read more: Learn more about the ZyPad WL11xx
Rugged, Ultra Low Power i.MX6 SBC/CoM - CPU-301-16

Delivering a full range of capabilities in a low-power and compact design, the CPU-301-16 is the embedded platform of choice for a wide range of applications such as retail kiosk displays, medical equipment, and control panels for fitness equipment. Being extremely power efficient, the CPU-301-16 greatly simplifies heat management, allowing fanless designs for most applications.

Read more: CPU-301-16
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