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Transports Publics / FR
June 5 - 7

Connected World Conference / US / June 11 - 13

ISC 2012 / DE
June 17 - 21

AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2012 / US
August 7 - 10

Innotrans / DE
September 18 - 21

Wide-Area Airborne Surveillance Application - Embedded Intel Solutions

Embedded Devices Meet the Cloud - Intel Embedded Community

Open-standard platform for M2M development - EETimes

Eurotech in CW's Top 100 - Connected World Magazine

MQTT Communications Protocol - Connected Planet

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Everyware Cloud 2.0 Simplifies M2M
Everyware Cloud 2.0 bridges the gap between distributed devices in the field and event-driven IT applications. With Everyware Cloud, enterprises can easily connect cloud-ready devices to IT systems for end-to-end M2M applications.
Eurotech's Catalyst Family
Eurotech's Catalyst platform is a comprehensive suite of small form factor modules spanning across the Intel Atom roadmap. It features the newest Catalyst CV based on the dual-core, low-power Intel Atom N2x00 processor. With optimized, full-featured designs that include backward compatibility options, and support for Eurotech's ESF and EDC products, the Catalyst family is the ideal embedded solution.
Eurotech Supercomputers at ISC12
Eurotech will showcase Aurora supercomputers at the international supercomputing conference in Hamburg, starting June the 18th.
Aurora supercomputers are extremely powerful HPC systems, boasting hot liquid cooling, 3D Torus and a density that no Intel based competitor has yet matched.
New Website!
Eurotech have just launched their new and improved website. Users will have easy access to essential information on Eurotech products and the markets they serve, along with better navigation and a more user friendly feel. Check it out at

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