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ICT Application 2011 / China
September 20 - 22

Modern Day Marine
September 27 - 29

IREE 2011 / India
September 28 - 30

October 3 - 5

AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition / USA
October 10 - 12

Infrastructure Telematics & Navigation / Italy
November 16 - 18

M2M Communications - Intel Embedded Community

Connectivity in the Age of Telehealth

Storing device data in the cloud - RTC Magazine

Stacking up for Successful Monitoring
Eurotech's innovative STACK 104 rugged modular system is proving itself across a range of commercial and defence projects. Typical of these is an application which delivers 24-hour monitoring of electrical substations on European railway networks.
Public Transportation Solutions
Eurotech develops a wide range of rugged subsystems designed specifically for mobile IT infrastructures. These products serve as ideal solutions for vehicle control, accurate location tracking applications, public announcement systems, passenger information systems, enhanced communications, passenger counting, fleet management and security/surveillance systems.
Parvus Announces Two New Cisco-based Products
The DuraMAR 5915 is an ultra-rugged COTS mobile router subsystem based on the new 5915 Embedded Services Router (ESR) card from Cisco Systems. The DuraNET® 3000 is a ruggedized version of the IE-3000 industrial Ethernet switch from Cisco Systems, specifically hardened for use in demanding military / civil IP networking technology refresh and C4ISR situational awareness applications.

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