Flexible 19" Rackmount PC

Eurotech and Wind River Collaboration

Eurotech Computers in Devices to Help People Communicate

1M USD Embedded PC Order for Fleet Management Solution

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Flexible 1U 19" Rackmount PC
The ANTARES ICE 1U, 19" rack mount industrial PC brings new levels of performance and flexibility to this popular format. ANTARES ICE 1U
Options exist for both fanned and fanless operation, multiple disks or diskless operation with support for both RAID and removable bays, and AC or DC power.

An integrated monochrome LCD on the front panel allows user configurable information to be presented without the need for a screen or keyboard, and expansion is well catered for via a comprehensive range of peripheral interfaces, PCIe and mini-PCIe expansion slots.

For remote applications, embedded functionality allows remote access for diagnostics and fault recovery, even if the hard drives have been corrupted or memory has failed, as long as power and an IP connection exists.

Eurotech and Wind River Collaborate in Embedded Market
Eurotech customers have relied on us to maintain close relationships with operating system suppliers, especially those focused on the embedded computing space so our customers can go to market as quickly and simply as possible. Wind River Partnership
Wind River now joins Microsoft as Eurotech's primary suppliers of operating systems supported on new products. Wind River Linux Rel. 3.0 is included on several new board and platforms from Eurotech, including products based on the Intel Atom processor.
DynaVox Medical Devices Use Eurotech Computers to Help People Communicate
When people are not able to communicate easily or at all, they can feel cut off from the world around them. DynaVox (NASDAQ: DVOX), a leading supplier of assistive devices to help people speak, removes that communication block. DynaVox Medical Device
Whether a child with autism or someone who has suffered a stroke, DynaVox devices allow people to communicate, with freedom and independence. DynaVox recently placed orders totaling 4.2M USD with Eurotech for embedded computers, both the new Catalyst LP and proven Catalyst Module XL running Microsoft Windows, to supply the computing platform for multiple assistive devices. We're extremely gratified to be part of these devices that benefit people and improve their daily lives.
1M USD Order From Cadec Global to Supply Embedded PC for Fleet Management Solution
The Eurotech embedded computer powers the Cadec PowerVue onboard computer deployed in transportation fleets. The PowerVue is based on Eurotech technology and delivers improved fleet performance, supply chain Fleet Management Solution
integration, and vehicle diagnostics capabilities as part of an overall fleet management plan.

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