Why does my Windows CE application disappear when I power cycle the VIPER?

To ensure that an application persists after a power cycle you must download it to the \Flashdisk directory. By default eVC++ and VS2005 will download applications to the root directory so the project settings need adjusting.

I can't access my PC/104 card from the VIPER

The PC/104 bus on the VIPER is attached via the second PCMCIA controller built in to the PXA255 processor.
The PC/104 I/O address space is mapped at virtual address 0xF1000000. This means that a PC/104 card that has been configured at I/O address 0xXXX is available at virtual address 0xF1000XXX. This virtual address is the correct value to use when configuring a device driver for that card, rather than the associated physical address.

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