Embedded Linux FAQs

Why can't I install the AEL Host Environment on my Linux Distribution?

Newer versions of many distributions ship with LSB version > 1.3.
In such case, you can simply add a symbolic link :-
#cd /lib
#ln -sf ld-lsb.so.2 ld-lsb.so.1
#ln -sf ld-lsb.so.3 ld-lsb.so.1

(whichever is appropriate as per LSB version provided by your distribution.)

If you are still unable to install the host environment but you know that your chosen distribution supports the LSB version 1.3, please contact Eurotech Ltd to discuss support for your chosen distribution. Alternatively, install a supported distribution that includes support for the LSB.
The AEL host environment requires up to 150MB of disk space when installed, but may require up to 500MB during the installation process.

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