Intel Core 2 Duo 19" rack mount Industrial PC

The APCx-4 system is a rugged 19" enclosure (4U high by 480mm deep) based on a Socket 775 industrial PC card with support for Intel® Celeron™, Pentium 4™ and Core 2 DUO™ processor technology. The APCx-4 is designed to achieve the toughest standards for applications in telecoms, railway/railroad signalling/information display and manufacturing machinery. They can also be fitted with alternative power supply options for -48V DC, or hot swap dual redundant applications.

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  • Intel® Celeron D™ 356 3.33GHz
  • Intel® Pentium 4™ 650 3.4GHz (fitted as standard)
  • Inte®l Core 2 Duo™ 1.8 to 2.67GHz
  • PCI (9), PCI-E x16 (1), PCI-E x4 (1)
  • PICMG 1.3 Backplane
  • 460W PFC PSU standard


  • Telecommunications
  • Railway/signalling/information display
  • Manufacturing machinery

The APCx-4 is an Intel based 19”, CE-Compliant, Industrial PC system that supports Intel® Core 2 Duo™, Pentium 4™ and Celeron™ processor technologies.
The system is contained within a heavy-duty 19” enclosure (4U high by 480mm deep) with 1.2m steel chassis. A 12-slot passive backplane provides options for extra PCI slots, support for RAID cards and special add-on cards such as image processing boards.
Various standard configurations are available, offering Windows XP Professional® and Windows Vista® ultimate (32-bit or 64-bit) systems.

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