VME bus single board computer equipped with PowerPC G4 processor, Tsi108 system controller and Tsi148 PCI-VME bridge

The Advme7511 is a single slot 6U VME bus SBC. It features a PowerPC G4 MC7448™ processor and it is VME64x and 2eSST compliant. It provides two PMC slots that support PCI-x. There is one onboard CompactFlash socket that is CF+ and Compact Flash Specification Revision 2.1 compliant.


  • PowerPC G4 processor MC7448™
  • VME64x and 2eSST compliant
  • Tundra® Tsi148™ as VME controller
  • Tundra® Tsi108™ as system controller
  • 2x PMC slots PCI-x compliant
  • 1x CompactFlash (CF+ and Compact Flash Specification Revision 2.1 compliant)


  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Defense

This board is a sophisticated VME bus single board computer (6U size, 1 slot width) equipped with MC7448 processor (PowerPC G4), Tsi108 (system controller) and Tsi148 (PCI-VME bridge). The CPU clock frequency (MC7448) is 1GHz or 1.4GHz and it has a built-in L1 cache (64k bytes) and L2 cache (1MB). It supports automatic slot type recognition. It can be used as a single central CPU, but additional CPU boards can also be added depending on the processing load.
It is equipped with DDR-SDRAM main memory, and supports CPU power and I/O power with the powerful bandwidth (3.2GB/ sec). Memory capacity is 512MB or 1GB, and in either case, single-bit data errors support correctable ECC. It has both high efficiency and high reliability.
Other interfaces
It is equipped with a RS232C serial port (1 ch) and Gigabit Ethernet (2 ch) as front panel I/O, as well as an onboard CompactFlash socket and 2 onboard PMC (PCI/PCI-X) slots.
The board’s VME interface supports VME64x and 2eSST, and it can be used either the system slot or non-system slot of the VME bus.

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